Essentials for Cruising with a Friend

I just got back from a very special trip. It was the first trip I’ve taken with a friend in a long time. I mean, just the two of us were going; this was going to be AWESOME! The last time I traveled with a friend was a long weekend in Ireland with my friend, Katie back in 2011.

Katie and me in Howth, Ireland, 2011.

These days, I travel with family (who I absolutely love) but I needed a little time away. I hadn’t been away from my four year old for more than 24 hours ever…EVER. Lucky for me, my awesome friend Melissa, whom I’ve known since sixth grade wanted to do a little cruising.

Melissa and me in Arizona, around 1995




I was a little worried about cruising with a friend for 5 days just because of the close quarters. Don’t worry; everything went…swimmingly (tehe). We talked a bit about it before we left and we brought a few things to help. Here’s my list of things to bring when traveling with a friend.  We had a great time and hopefully some of these little “comfort” items will come in handy when you go on an awesome trip with your friend!

Melissa and me aboard the Carnival Ecstasy




What to Bring When Cruising With a Friend (and some things we wish we had)

  • Mesh laundry bags – Nothing can ruin a fun vacation like a messy roommate. I don’t really want to walk around a friend’s dirty clothes for a week and I am sure Melissa felt the same way. We each had our own bag and it was easy to just throw our dirty clothes in the bag and move on to the fun. We didn’t have any issues with clothes lying on the floor or taking up the only chair (actually an ottoman) in the room.
  • Cute little USB oil diffuser – Small, enclosed places can be, well…aromatic to put it nicely. To avoid this problem and to create a relaxing environment, Melissa brought a USB powered oil diffuser. It was super cute and made the room smell nice and created a relaxing environment. She just used the charger for her phone to plug it into the wall. Sadly, this didn’t keep Melissa from smelling my flip-flops that she insists smell bad. I don’t know what she’s talking about; they smelled fine to me.
  • Water bottles- The Caribbean in July is HOT. We brought water bottles and filled them up with ice water a couple times a day. It was nice to have cold ice water with a sealed lid on hand all the time. I got the cutest anchor water bottle from a local pharmacy. I like it because it is the kind with a straw. The straw made it possible to lie in a lounger and drink without water going up my nose.
  • Wrinkle release spray- I wouldn’t be surprised if the person that invented this stuff is an avid cruiser. It works amazingly and it’s the best option since steamers and irons are big no-nos on a cruise ship.
  • A Resort for A Day- We decided to purchase day passes to an all-inclusive resort in Freeport. It was a perfect day complete with snorkeling, food, lounging, mai tais and even a nice little cruise on the cutest little catamaran I’d ever seen. All of that was included. It was nice because we had space and it was quiet. We were go go go on the ship so this was a great chance to lay back and do a whole lot of nothing.
  • Wish: power strip. There was only one outlet in out stateroom. We survived but it would have been really nice to be able to plug a few things in at the same time.
  • Wish: Selfie Stick. We are both kind of short and this would have helped get all the beautiful scenery behind us in out pictures.
  • Wish: baskets with suction cups for the shower. There wasn’t any room to put our soap and shampoo. Our cute little travel bottles lived on the shower floor. A little basket to attach to the shower wall would have made showering a much nicer experience.


What is something you can’t live without when cruising with a friend? Comment below and tell us what we’re missing.

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