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I recently went on a 5 day Bahamas cruise aboard the Carnival Ecstasy with my friend Melissa. We had a blast. We caught every show, lounged by the pool, ate, made friends, we even went down the water slide.

We had a great time in Nassau too. We went on a SNUBA excursion in the morning and spent the afternoon

Snorkeling in Nassau! There wasn’t one picture where Melissa’s eyes were open!

relaxing with some frozen drinks and a giant plate of nachos.

We had some activities planned before our trip but the only thing we weren’t sure about was what to do at our stop in Freeport. We wanted to do something relaxing and fun and something where we weren’t just herded around all day, like a tour in the scorching heat of the Caribbean in August.

I recently started my own travel agency so I am just learning the ropes. I realized that I knew the answer to our Freeport question from my training. We would get a ‘Resort for a Day’ pass. Resort for a Day is a company that sells day passes to all-inclusive resorts to cruisers. There are

Cold drinks after a morning on snorkeling and SNUBA in Nassau

participating resorts everywhere! Click here to visit Resort for a Day.


You can book your resort yourself online here or you can contact me at if you’d like me to help. The website is very easy. You typein in the ship you’re sailing on and the departure date and the ports automatically come up. From there, you can browse resorts and choose which one best meets your needs and wants.

Getting there

As soon as we left the ship, we made our way to the line of taxis ready to take cruisers to different locations around Freeport. We quickly got our cab and were on out way. The taxi ride seemed like forever because I was so excited but it was really only about 25 minutes. Our driver gave us a card and we discussed what time we would need to be picked up to make it back to the ship. Our ship was departing at 7 in the evening so we planned to leave at 5:30. It did end up being plenty of time. We made it back with an hour to spare! Thank goodness there are some daiquiri stands at the port. We were able to enjoy one more drink before we got back on the ship.

The Resort

We went to the Viva Wyndham Fortuna in Freeport, Bahamas. Checking in

Our view of the beach

was very easy. When I booked online, I was given a receipt to bring with me to the resort. We just showed the receipt to the person at the customer service counter, (not the check in counter) were given wristbands and were on our way!

The grounds and buildings here are beautiful! Everything was clean and bright and shiny. There was a recreation area with Ping-Pong and the Junkanoo restaurant was pristine and bright with high ceilings. The pool was gorgeous and had plenty of comfortable seating. While the pool was nice, our target was the white sand beach, just a little bit beyond.

The beach was incredible! The sand was white, the area was clean, and there were so many places to drop our bags and lounge; it took us a minute to figure out where we wanted to sit. This was amazing because so many resorts and cruise ships have minimal loungers and they fill up quickly. We picked a couple loungers under some shade and headed straight to the beach bar.

So relaxing!

The bar was great! There were two bartenders ready to help and the drink menu was clearly posted. I got a mai tai and it was awesome! There was just the right amount of coconut rum and fruity deliciousness in there. They also had beer and there was a snack bar there too.

With drink in hand we made our way over to the water sports building. Viva Wyndham Fortuna offers snorkel gear, paddleboards, kayaks and the cutest little catamarans I’ve ever seen. I brought my own snorkel mask but Melissa grabbed one from the resort and when our drinks were done, we were in the water!

Unfortunately for us it was windy and the water was a bit murky. The staff told us that the previous day was calm and crystal clear, oh well. I was able to see a few fish and just calmly float along the water. I love snorkeling; it’s the most relaxing activity to me. After snorkeling, we grabbed another (included) drink and relaxed in our lounge chairs until we got hot, then we relaxed in the water.

Lunch time!

When we got hungry for lunch, we went into the buffet and got some food. The food was good and there was a nice variety. There were salads, fruit, and chicken. I especially like the ice cream bar complete with toppings. I do kind of wish we had opted for the beachfront snack bar.

Melissa and me

It was too windy to paddleboard or kayak, bummer! We spent most of our day just relaxing in the water with a drink in hand. Earlier in the day, we booked a 30-minute mini catamaran ride for the afternoon. A hotel staff member took us out on a beautiful ride. It was an amazing day.

It was time to go and so we hopped in a cab and made our way back to the ship. I think coming to a resort for a day was a great addition to our Bahamas Cruise. Contact me at if you want to learn more about Resort for a Day.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Wish we had known about this option , but our travel agent was not much help .Next time we will call YOU !

  2. Love it! So glad that we were able to enjoy a fun and memorable experience and all to your expertise in travel!

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